Rosh Beed

Rosh Beed


Rosh Beed

I am an enthusiastic advocate of technology and am passionate about helping others learn and grow. I am always eager to share my knowledge and skills. My inquisitive nature drives me to explore new concepts and bring innovative ideas to my projects.

For the last five years, I have developed expertise in designing and implementing scalable, cloud-native solutions. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of cloud customers, from startups to established companies. Through this experience, I have consistently honed my personal, professional, and technical abilities.

  • Cloud Consultant with extensive experience in a customer/partner-facing roles
  • Strong technical skills, including expertise in AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • A focus on architecting and developing solutions for scalable, distributed systems
  • In-depth knowledge of PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, public cloud, and industry concepts
  • Exceptional communication, project management and customer service skills.
  • Active participant in local community events, such as Cloud, DevOps & Agile meetups
  • Holds over 30 cloud certifications, including AWS re/Start
  • Mentors Women in Tech mentorship scheme and holds SC Security Clearance



Consulting Engineer

HeleCloud - a SoftwareOne company

Apr 2022 – Present London

Architected, developed, and operated secure, compliant, resilient, cost-efficient, and high-performing solutions in Cloud and on-premises environments for customers and partners

  • Conducted more than 10 Well-Architected Framework (WAF) reviews, automating remediation actions and leveraging the Well-Architected API to reduce review duration by 50%
  • Developed cloud-native tooling and CI/CD deployment processes to enable customers to automatically deploy applications while adhering to security and governance processes
  • Implemented a comprehensive security monitoring system that aggregates findings from multiple AWS accounts and Regions to provide a unified view of security data
  • Deployed a weekly summary email solution that leverages Security Hub custom insights, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SNS to provide administrators with an easily digestible overview of security findings
  • Configured Microsoft Teams real-time alerts to deliver critical security notifications of key accounts within seconds of an issue being identified
  • Delivered a solution for zero-downtime Terraform and AWS provider version upgrades, and conducted workshops to educate customers on best practices for Terraform
  • Delivered technical presentations and demonstrations at customer events, conducted pre-sales discovery sessions and gap analysis workshops, estimated project costs, and ran cloud-native training sessions

Consulting Engineer

Secure Container Platform (Automation Logic)

Jun 2021 – Apr 2022 London

Productised a solution to deploy production-grade Kubernetes clusters to secure air-gapped environments

  • Automated the deployment of a secure Kubernetes cluster within 10 minutes, with pre-packaged dependencies for an offline, air-gapped installation in heavily restricted or regulated environments
  • Deployed simulated air-gapped development environments with AWS VPCs, achieving significant cost savings of 90%, compared to building an on-prem dev environment. Maximise cost savings of up to 98% by automating the provisioning and deletion of development environments as needed
  • Authored comprehensive design documents and architecture diagrams to define the functional and nonfunctional requirements for security, reliability, performance, maintainability, scalability, and usability

Consulting Engineer

(Automation Logic)

Jun 2021 – Apr 2022 London

Designed and implemented a survey tool on GCP to gather feedback from consultants and measure their satisfaction with projects

  • Architected and implemented a Disaster Recovery plan, including daily Big Query data backup and restore functionality
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify, prioritise, and implement new features and enhancements for the Innovation Lab
  • Developed visualisation dashboards and utilised user feedback to improve the tool’s features and functionality
  • Conducted user research and usability testing to gather feedback and improve the user experience by 64%

Cloud Engineer

UK Home Office (PA Consulting)

Oct 2020 – Apr 2021 London

Seamlessly supported a large and complex public sector cloud transformation project, with no disruption to operations

  • Reduced build and release times from 1 day to 6 minutes, resulting in annual savings of £4M through the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster
  • Successfully supported 10 third-party applications on an EKS cluster with 10,000+ nodes without any high-priority incidents
  • Collaborated effectively with multiple cross-functional teams to ensure the successful implementation of the cloud-based solution, including the integration of new technologies and processes

Solutions Architect

Ori Biotech (PA Consulting)

Jul 2020 – Oct 2020 London

Designed and implemented a cloud-based solution to modernise Ori Biotech’s gene therapy manufacturing operations

  • Developed a cloud-native architecture and roadmap to reduce costs by 80% through the migration of legacy applications to the cloud
  • Conducted a thorough assessment of Ori Biotech’s existing infrastructure and identified opportunities for improvement
  • Demonstrated the capabilities of the cloud-based solution through live tech demos and POCs, including an AWS Kinesis, Glue, and S3-based streaming data ingest pipeline, an AI/ML capability with SageMaker, and integration with a partner network using DynamoDB, Lambdas, and API Gateway
  • Designed a highly available, resilient, and fault-tolerant system with the ability to scale on demand to support Ori Biotech’s gene therapy manufacturing operations

Solutions Architect

Health Data Research UK (PA Consulting)

Jan 2020 – Apr 2020 London

Architected a three-tier cloud-native content management system on AWS

  • Developed a portal that enabled researchers to access 440 health datasets, with over 3.5 million users providing regular information about their health and symptoms for COVID-19 research
  • Built CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure as code using Terraform, including the deployment of Craft CMS
  • Delivered educational workshops and architecture reviews to internal and external stakeholders


PA Consulting

Dec 2019 – Jun 2021 London

Promoted and encouraged the adoption of AWS and cloud technologies within PA Consulting (Read my post on training and certifications)

  • Conducted workshops and training sessions to educate clients on new cloud technologies and best practices
  • Developed technical content and reusable resources to benefit the business, viewed by hundreds of engineers
  • Organised an AWS GameDay and led workshops on using Terraform
  • Earned 27 cloud certifications in AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, and HashiCorp over a 9-month period
  • Guided colleagues in customer engagements and certification exams, contributing to PA’s achievement of AWS Premier Consulting Partner status
  • Mentored junior members and mentees in the Women in Tech program, resulting in successful transitions to technical roles

Trainee Cloud Engineer

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jul 2019 – Oct 2019 London

I have always been captivated by the potential of technology to make a positive impact on society, which is why I decided to pursue a career in the tech industry. I was particularly drawn to the cloud, with its rapidly growing field and immense potential, so I applied to the AWS re/Start program to transition into this exciting field. The program was full-time, classroom-based, and provided me with the opportunity to learn from industry experts and make connections with potential employers.

The AWS re/Start program exceeded my expectations. Through practical, scenario-based learning and labs, I gained the technical and soft skills necessary for a career in the cloud. I even managed to deploy the serverless website with a build time of 30 seconds using Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, and S3.

After graduating from the program, I continued to seek mentorship from an experienced AWS Solutions Architect. I also had the privilege of contributing to the AWS re/Start program by sharing my experiences as a guest speaker, advocating for the program, and coaching and mentoring new students. This experience has been instrumental in launching my career in the cloud and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided.


DevOps Engineer

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Zaizi)

Nov 2017 – Jan 2018 London

Built a cloud-based electronic documents and records management (EDRM) platform 

  • Launched an Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System used by 3,600 government staff 
  • Implemented a geo-replicated GlusterFS storage system with 4.6TB of data across 70 shared drives to replace an older facility

DevOps Engineer

Department for Education (Zaizi)

Aug 2017 – Nov 2017 London

Identified and improved processes to deliver value to customers

  • Optimised manual data replication from 2 days to just 2 hours, reducing cost by 100k/year
  • Introduced automation and CI/CD, reducing deployment times from hours to minutes



Aug 2017 – Feb 2018 London

Configured, tested, and deployed updates to services for UK public sector clients on AWS

  • Developed dashboards to extend observability and monitoring of 100s of services
  • Created a secure multi-user secrets management system for encryption-at-rest and in-transit

Software Engineer


May 2017 – Aug 2017 London

Joined the early stages of a start-up to develop a marketplace application to discover local sports facilities

  • Led a team of 5 software engineers to develop a marketplace application for discovering local sports facilities
  • Spearheaded the development of 3 Java-based microservices and a website with an AngularJS consumption layer
  • Developed migration strategy and successfully migrated legacy services from Digital Ocean Droplets to Google App Engine
  • Reduced deployment times from 6 hours to 10 minutes with the implementation of CI/CD using Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Presented technical demonstrations on Git and Docker and wrote customer-facing content for the launch of the application

Software Developer

East City Films (formerly VR City)

Feb 2017 – Apr 2017 London

Developed a Virtual Reality and 360° video player for a production company that produces award-winning TV, film, and digital content

  • Created a VR 360° video player web application using A-Frame web framework, HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Implemented a range of features including 3D in-headset menu navigation